Log analyzer - nice graphical analyzer for ADIF/Cabrillo/REG1TEST-Edi/STF-Logfiles

DR2W DX Propagation - check band conditions

Bastelbunker - some nice ideas for tinkering with hardware and antennas

DARC-Online Lehrgang - helps you on your way to the licence in germany

repeatermap.de - its a map of repeaters, wohooo

Funkbasis - Forum for german Amateurfunker und Funkamateure (you will get that one only if you speak german natively)

Sächsischer Bergwettbewerb - local contest where you can get points if you have QSO from/to a mountain

PSKreporter - stalk my digital activities (24h only)

Neuner Funkgeräte - online shop where i buy almost all of my gear. fast, nice, reliable, fair prices.